PPR number: PPR224510

Chitose Okashiro (Piano)

Scriabin: Etudes Complete

Op.2 No.1 in C-sharp Minor (Andante)
Op.8 No.1 in C-sharp Major (Allegro)
Op.8 No.2 in F-sharp Minor (A capriccio, con forza)
Op.8 No.3 in B Minor (Tempestoso)
Op.8 No.4 in B Major (Piacevole)
Op.8 No.5 in E Major (Brioso)
Op.8 No.6 in A Major (Con grazia)
Op.8 No.7 in B-flat Minor (Presto tenebroso, agitato)
Op.8 No.8 in A-flat Major (Lento)
Op.8 No.9 in G-sharp Minor (Alla ballata)
Op.8 No.10 in D-flat Major (Allegro)
Op.8 No.11 in B-flat Minor (Andante cantabile)
Op.8 No.12 in D-sharp Minor (Patetico)
Op.42 No.1 in D-flat Major (Presto)
Op.42 No.2 in F-sharp Minor
Op.42 No.3 in F-sharp Major (Prestissimo)
Op.42 No.4 in F-sharp Major (Andante)
Op.42 No.5 in C-sharp Minor (Affannato)
Op.42 No.6 in D-flat Major (Esaltato)
Op.42 No.7 in F Minor (Agitato)
Op.42 No.8 in E-flat Major (Allegro)
Op.49 No.1
Op.56 No.4 (Presto)
Op.65 No.1 (Allegro fantastico)
Op.65 No.2 (Allegretto)
Op.65 No.3 (Molto vivace)

Scriabin: Op.8 No.12 in D-sharp Minor

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